Our Doggie Fat Camp is in the news again!

Our Doggie Fat Camp is in the news again!
October 1, 2014

FOX 29 Philadelphia recently aired "Fat Camp Helps Dogs Shed Pounds and Stay Healthy," featuring Brenda of Bethlehem, PA.

Last year, Brenda lost her Golden Retriever, Casey, due to complications from being obese. She enrolled Casey in our Doggie Fat Camp and Casey lost ten pounds — but it was too late to save her life. So when Brenda realized her Newfoundland Charlie was starting to gain weight, she signed him up for the camp.

Charlie's workouts are rigorous, including balance training and strengthening core muscles. He doesn't always love it (just like humans), but Brenda has peace of mind that Charlie is staying at a healthy weight, thanks to our Doggie Fat Camp.

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