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Canine Fat Camp

Does your dog need to lose weight?

AnWell Veterinary Rehab & Conditioning Center offers an 8-week course to drop overweight dogs back down to a healthy weight. Over the course of eight weeks, canines will engage in conditioning while dropping weight in our underwater aqua paws treadmill.

We also provide pet owners with nutritional counseling, individual pet exercise programs, and tips on positive motivation tactics, such as praise and hugs. We even use healthy treats such as flavored ice cubes, carrots, and crunchy green beans for our participants! Each week, dogs will be weighed in, exercised in our hydrotherapy tank, and taught specific and directed daily home exercises.

Our weight loss programs have helped over a dozen dogs lose weight and get healthy.

Having seen too many pets being euthanized due to obesity, we have made it our goal to offer these dogs a place and program to start losing weight. We look forward to working with you to provide the starting point and backbone for a long, happy, and healthy life for your pet!

For more information, please contact us (610) 346-7854.

Canine Fat Camp

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